Gift yourself this Christmas to a younger you

Nov 21, 2017 | Blog

My name is Molly and for the past 14 years I’ve been writing in the beauty industry. Having given up a career in the City due to ill health, I became passionate about investing my money wisely, especially with 2 children to support. I lost faith in the many brands who used clever advertising and marketing tools that sold me skincare and beauty products, which frankly didn’t work. Some however, did and so I decided to share my good fortune with others.

Armed with a knowledge of the industry from first hand experience, I have since written regularly in the press and reported on the radio, new trends, products and lifestyle hacks, with my sole aim being to bring an informative but real life and honest review on the services and products offered to clients.


With Christmas celebrations approaching many of us will want to look our best for when we catch up with family and friends, some whom we may have not seen for a while. It’s now also a time where glimpsing in the mirror does not reflect an image that our filters give on social media. In fact, for most of us we are exhausted from the daily grind of work, parenting and short days of sunlight, and so it’s understandable if we just want to hibernate. Whilst a clever cut dress or a tailored suit can disguise the excessive consumption of food, there is not much that can disguise a tired, worn face. Or is there?

I booked in for an anti-aging treatment at Prem Aesthetics in Hertfordshire. Being a single mum of 2 children I was in desperate need of some magic, and frankly thought it a little unjust I had aged so much the past year, especially as I lead a relatively healthy lifestyle.

I was seen by Dr Prem Kumar who advised Botulinum injections, commonly known as Botox, as not only would this give my face a new lease of life but the results are longer lasting than a facial and in the long run cost effective.

Botox relaxes the facial muscles and should not to be confused with ‘fillers’. An experienced injector will study your face, and give a full consultation before deciding where to place the injections. I knew I didn’t want to look ‘frozen’ and that I still wanted to have expression (my kids need to know when they’ve drawn the line).

The treatment itself was pain free no doubt helped by a numbing cream being used first (greatly appreciated by a needle phobic like myself). Without any ‘down time’, I left and went about my day as usual. The full effect of the injections took around 10 days, whereby my complexion looked smoother, more radiant indeed like an invisible filter. Putting my little secret to the test, I was delighted when on a rare night out, a friend commented ‘you haven’t aged since the last time I saw you’!



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T 01279 899442