Male Skincare

Sep 25, 2017 | Blog

It’s a well-known fact that men age better than women, often being referred to as a ‘silver fox’ or ‘distinguished’, and one explanation for this is that male skin contains a higher collagen density than females. Luckily for them this means that compared to females they can knock off approximately 15 years difference.

Testosterone also plays a huge part with the texture of male skin, and on average skin is around 25 percent thicker than females, and whilst this plays a part on deleting off a few of those years, it doesn’t come without some negatives. 

Men produce more sebum (oil) and this in turn can cause long-lasting acne, in some prone individuals alongside rednessespecially around the nose commonly known as a form of Rosacea. There is also the fact that men sweat nearly twice as much as females, and if the skin isn’t cleansed properly, this contributes towards blocked pores thus turning into blackheads and spots.

This is why you shouldn’t just, as men often do ‘slap on any moisturiser, or pinch whatever the other half has got in the cabinet’. Male products are specifically designed to target the issues that arise from the difference in the skin types.

If I were to recommend one product for men to use it would be a good, exfoliator either using Microdermabrasion or products containing a light acid to slough away any dead skin cells. This also will make their skin more receptive to the actives found in products such as an anti-oxidant creams like Vitamin C  / moisturiser. 

I would also suggest a consultation with a skin doctor, who can advise on a personal regime and therefore take out the confusion that skin products can bring. Prem Aesthetics & Dermatology offer one on one consultation’s with experienced dermatologist, in a relaxed environment. With no obligation from yourself, they will point you towards the right treatments and products, to help you get the best investment for your skin health.



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